Alice Bergen Phillips
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Cheese Classes

Cheese Classes

The world of cheese is vast. Chemistry, history, geography, art, biology... you name it, you'll find cheese in there somewhere. Fun, interactive, and, most importantly, delicious, cheese classes are a great way to bond with your friends and colleagues, discover new cheesy favorites, and maybe learn a little something too. 


Pairing party

Friends, drinks, and cheese - what could be better, right? Ideal for smaller groups, this laid back kind of party is all about learning how to pair various cheeses with beer, wine, cocktails, or whatever your favorite beverage may be. 

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Cheese 101

Have you ever found yourself pondering deeply cheesy thoughts? What is cheese? Where does it come from? What makes certain cheeses smell, look, or taste the way that they do? Our Cheese 101 classes dive into all of your most pressing cheese questions. Whether you're interested in a certain style, region, or just what the heck cheese actually is, get in touch today to either find a class near you, or plan your own for you and your curd nerdy friends!

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How to build your own cheeseboard

Does putting together a cheeseboard for your next party seem daunting? Do you stand in front of the cheese counter perplexed as to how to proceed? Let us help you! Whether it's learning how to pick out cheeses and accompaniments that will wow your guests, or put them together in a thoughtful and crowd-stunning way, our How To Build a Cheeseboard classes will hone your plating skills! This style of class is super fun and interactive - great for groups!